Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

Cost Effective Healthcare

Cinde Wirth for Congress supports practical ways to lower healthcare costs for Hoosiers.

Cinde favors incentivizing and restoring quality, local community healthcare options, reducing health care costs by making premiums more affordable, reducing out-of-pocket expenses, and capping prescription drug costs while maintaining protections for those with preexisting conditions and prohibitions on lifetime coverage caps.

We need to invest in community health centers and provide incentives for patients, health practitioners, and doctors to promote routine preventative care.

Protect Patient Privacy

Protect Hoosier Healthcare by eliminating aggressive, political intrusion into the physician-patient relationship.

Mental Healthcare

To have a healthy, prosperous community, we must expand access to mental health counseling, as well as treatment and rehab for addictions.

The Opioid Crisis

To beat the opioid crisis, we must prevent and treat addiction, as well as track, investigate, and prosecute pill mills and dealers.

Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

Reproductive Healthcare


People make the best decisions about their healthcare. Cinde Wirth for Congress will fight to protect and improve access to reproductive healthcare for every Hoosier.

Legislators have no place in the exam room, and we must trust people to make those decisions for themselves.


All states need to join other surrounding states to work with law enforcement agencies, health care groups, and other stakeholders to legalize marijuana for medical and personal uses, cannibis products, and hemp production.  Hoosier patients with medical conditions need to be able to legally access cannabinoid alternatives to high-powered opiates.

Cinde Wirth for Congress supports ending the federal ban on cannabis and cannabis product.

Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

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Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

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Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

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Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

Clean Environment

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Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

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Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

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Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

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Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

Together we can make our future brighter!

Cinde Wirth is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress

Better Healthcare for Hoosiers

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